Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blue Willow Quilt

This is a sample square of the Blue Willow Quilt which we are presently working on for the end of 2009 raffle. The 20 patches have been distributed and I hope to have this quilt finished by end of July. Our youngest sewer is Harriet - my niece who is 13 years of age - go Hat!

The name of this quilt comes from a Liberty fabric called "Willow" which Liberty of London Prints Limited adapted from a William Morris design. This is one of three quilts that we will make this year. All three quilts will be smaller in size than last year's - finished size to be 1500 x 1250 which is perfect for a single bed or it can be used as a throw and fits long ways over a double or queen sized bed.

Please contact me Amanda Wilson after hours at home (03) 9889 4672, or on if you would like to be involved.