Monday, November 8, 2010

Postcards from the Quilts x

I have found and been given some very gorgeous images of the quilts in their new homes. I really wanted to share them with you because it is so nice to see them being really loved!
Photo by Linda Haller
Linda sent me this photo above of The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt which she has very beautifully hung up on her wall in her lounge room. Linda cleverly used the tie from the package to create a hanging device including lovely little decorative edges. I have seen this first hand and it looks so gorgeous up there, Linda has even turned some of the ceiling lights towards it! What a lucky quilt!

Photo by Pene Durston
Pene Durston of Cottage Industry won The Triangle Quilt and coincidentally was attending a meeting at Craft Victoria at the very moment her name was pulled out of the draw. She came out of the meeting to be told that she would also be taking a quilt home with her. She posted a little blog about her winnings over here.

Photo by Made by Mosey
I am so glad Madeline Sargent of Made by Mosey won The Heart Quilt! Firstly because she is such a lovely and kind person, but also because it looks like Madeline and her two little ones really love it! I found this very cute photo among a few others on her blog, go see them over here. I met up with Madeline at the Craft Hatch market last month to hand over her new quilt and was very excited to meet both her and her work in person! Both so gorgeous!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Raffle Night

As promised, here are some of the photos from the raffle night. Thank-you so much for every one who came down to Craft Victoria on Monday night, also to those to purchase tickets on the night and also those who purchased them at any other point throughout the project. Thank-you to all the sewers, sponsors, bloggers, and to every single person who supported us in any other way!

We raised a total of $3000, thanks to a few last minute donations.
Until next year... x

Monday, October 18, 2010

And the winners are...

First Prize: The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt
Linda Haller, Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Second Prize: The Triangle Quilt
Pene Durston, Fitzroy, Victoria.

Third Prize: The Heart Quilt
Madeline Sargent, Kew, Victoria.

Forth Prize: Kitty Came Home Clutch
Katherine Power, Elwood, Victoria. 

Fifth Prize: Not Today Milk Crate Cushions
 Marney (Betty Striper), Mt Eliza, Victoria.

Sixth Prize: Velvet Verity the Owl
Leigh Cosentino, Dingley Village, Victoria. 

Thank-you everyone who borght tickets. Because of you we have raised $2990(!!) which will be donated to the Australian Cambodia Foundation.

Winners, I will contact you very shortly! But now, time for bed. Oh! i will post photos from tonight up on the blog tomorrow. Thanks everyone!!! x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prize One - The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt
Quilt size: 1740 x 1740mm
Each patch was designed and sewn by 27 crafty local artist, crafters and designers. Each were given the same little swatch of fabric to use within their patch, look at all the different and amazing designs they came up with! They are all so different but somehow work so beautifully together.

The sewers of The Crafty Ladies and Gents Quilt are: Kat MacleodSim Elder, Chloe Quigley, Luci Everett, Lauren Mahoney, Catrabbit, Amy Borrell, Anita Cummins, Kim Brockett, Dani M, Nella Themelios, Carmel McKie, Katrina Weber from Kitty Came Home, Dell Stewart, Gracia & Louise, Tamara Marwood, Gillian Bencke, Nathan & Clea from the Limedrop Crew, Jo McAlpine, Alice Jones, Jane Wallace-Mitchell, Amanda Wilson, Liz Oakes, Harriet Jones and Lizzy Wilson.
Prize Two - The Triangle Quilt
Quilt size: 1300 x 1600mm
The first quilt that was started this year. Made by our original PP group. It was a very hard task I set them as each patch contained 64 triangles. That means that the whole quilt (not including the boarder) has 1250 little triangles, sewn on all 3 sides! What was I thinking?? But look at the very lovely job they all have done. I couldn't be prouder. Thank-you sewers! 
Prize Three - The Heart Quilt
Quilt size: 1250 x 1550mm
Made by many hands with much love, it was some sewers first time and some had their skills down pat. This quilt will not only keep you warm but add lots of happy love to any room or couch. 
Prize Four - Kitty Came Home Clutch
Donated by the very lovely Katrina Weber of Kitty Came Home. Whoever is lucky enough to be drawn out for prize four will take home this very gorgeous KCH Japanese Print Clutch. Cut from vintage tablecloth! Too cute! I hope my sister wins this so I can steal it! 
Prize Five - Not Today Milk Crate Cushions
Donated by no other then the generous Gemma Patford of Not Today. The winner of this prize will take home a set of four absolutely awesome Milk Crate Cushions. Perfect for perching on, with a cold drink in hand, on summer days in the back garden. Those hot days that we are all looking very fondly towards (especially on a cold rainy day like today!). 

Prize Six - Pink Snow Flakes Velvet Verity the Owl
Donated by Miss Laura Mah of Pink Snow Flakes. The lucky lady or gent who is drawn as the winner for prize six will take home little Velvet Verity the Owl to love and cherish. As her foster mother it will be hard to say goodbye, but i know she will find another nice cosy home to nest in. 
So far we have raised.... $2,245! That is so many little $2 tickets! Only four sleeps until the raffle night! Ohhhhhh my goodness!

Crafty Lady #23 - Jo McAlpine

I'd like to introduce to you the young and very talented Jo McAlpine. Newly donned graphic designer, Jo had just started as Mor Cosmetics new Junior Graphic Designer! Her talents range widely from graphics, to sewing and among many other things to baking! We are very lucky because Jo is contributing to PP in a few different ways...

Patch by Jo McAlpine
Firstly, she has sewn the most beautiful patch featuring three very gorgeous flowers, which she has so very perfectly has sewn onto her amazingly constructed background. She has cleverly used the PP fabric colour palette and chosen some very cute and complimentary patterns! It's so pretty jo jo! Thank-you! Check out more of Jo's beautiful work here and here.
Strawberry Blonde Sweetness Spead
Apple and Cinnamon Sweetness Spread
Secondly, Miss Joanna has been working on a very exciting new and delicious business prospect called Sweetness and Light, where Jo and her business partner design and produce dessert tables for special occasions. The girls theme the flavors and colours of the table design to your taste, and as a very willing taste tester i can assure you (i have devoured many of the above delights), the flavors will melt you to the ground. 

GUESS WHAT! For those coming to the raffle night, you my friends will also be able to try some of Jo's ingenious creations. Sweetness and Light have donated a desert table FULL of amazing treats. Jo has only given me a few hints 'the table will feature Project Patchwork inspired biscuits, macaroons and pink lemonade'. Ohhhhhh! be excited people! Thanks Girls! xx 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are on Frankie today!

Thank-you to all the ladies at Frankie for featuring us today! And to the Frankie readers for clicking through to see more! Read it here. x

Monday, October 11, 2010

As seen in Home Beautiful...

If you have already got your November issue of Home Beautiful, then you would have turned to page 36 and seen this very gorgeous article about Project Patchwork! Many thanks to Anna from HB for approaching me and giving us this amazing coverage. I feel very honored. Yay! We've been published!

Project Patchwork can also be seen on Broadsheet in the events section. Ohhh wee! i'm getting a little bit excited for Monday night! I hope you can all make it down for a drink or two! x