Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raffle Night, New Patches & Black Betty!

I have a lot of great news for you today! I am so excited, everything seems to be falling in place. I'd like to thank everyone, even at this point (we still have a while to go), SO much for your input and support. This project has gone above and beyond what I expected and I am absolutely over the moon with happiness. I hope your all enjoying being involved too!

Firstly, we have a place, date and time for the Project Patchwork 2010 Raffle Night! Everyone is invited! So, please come along with your family and friends for a drink to celebrate and raffle the 2010 Project Patchwork quilts! Thanks to Nella & the lovely crew at CVHQ the raffle will be held at the one and only Craft Victoria! I am sending out the biggest thank-you I possibly can out to all at CVHQ, it really means the world to me that your playing such a part.

Project Patchwork 2010 raffle night details!
Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne

6-8pm on Monday 18 October 2010
The raffle will drawn at 6.30pm on the dot.

I will post up a real invitation for you when we have all the sponsors confirmed. But for now... on the note of sponsors, there is more exciting news! Yesterday Joe from Black Betty Brewhouse offered to supply delicious Black Betty beer for us to enjoy on the raffle night! How lucky are we? More info about BBB to come. Thank you so much Joe!!
Lastly, but most certainly not least... As Friday was the due date for The Crafty Ladies & Gents quilt patches, I have been receiving the loveliest packages in the mail packed with patchwork delights. Below are some I received yesterday! How absolutely stunning are they? As planned, the fabric swatch I supplied each crafty person to coordinate their fabrics has resulted in a very lovely palette of colours that all work so beautifully together. I am one happy girl!
Patch by Gillian Bencke
Patch by Limedrop
 Patch by Dell Stewart

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dell's progress photos!

An email came this weekend from Dell Stewart with progress images of her patch! Another very gorgeous design! I wrote a little bio about Dell about a week ago which you can view here.

Dell's patch is not only gorgeous but also made up of fabrics she has made herself! The two wood grain patterns are her own handmade fabrics, made from raw silk and cotton drill. The spotty background fabric was also made by Dell with a fabric marker. The other fabrics she used were offcuts given to her by another lovely Melbourne crafter, Penelope Durston. Dell told me in her email that the themes within her patch are the patterns, triangles & fabrics she loves. I just love it! So many pretty patterns and I love hexagons, which will also tie in with Tamarah Marwood's patch... its all coming together very nicely!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dani M Progress Images!

Yay! Another lot of progress photos! This time from Dani M who is our Crafty Lady #08. I wrote about her a week or so ago, you can read it here. Ohh, i love this patch too! The geometric design is just so beautiful. Thank-you Dani!

I can't believe she can sew aswell! So many talents, of which I admire madly. Dani just emailed these through to me along with her and husbands totally awesome blog. Check it out here.

The supplied fabric

Dani's selection

Dani's design

Templates for the patch

Dani's patch in the making! So gorgeous!!!

Dani's very neat stiches! What were you worried about Dani? Perfect!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crafty Lady #013 - Sim Elder

Sim's progress photo of her patch! So gorgeous!

The lucky number thirteen crafty lady who I am introducing to you is the one and only Sim Elder a very talented graphic designer/art director and sometimes illustrator/sewer/crafter. She is another crafty lady dewing a patch! Sim has an stunning past, working in many amazing companies and studios. Now she is one of three directors (others being Kat Macleod & Chloe Quigley) of her very own Melbourne graphic design studio Ortolan.

I have collected images from some my favorite shoots Sim has art directed recently (those that I know of anyway and there are heaps!). There are a lot more shoots she has worked on that I haven't seen and also some I'm not allowed to publish yet but you will see around in summer for sure. I am one lucky girl and have the opportunity to learn about art direction & design from the lovely Sim herself.

I also found the photo below on The Design Files when Lucy featured Kat's home on her blog. Sim customised a vintage doily just for Kat which i thought was too sweet not to post. Sim makes the most gorgeous cards for her friends with little big headed girls and boys she illustrates just like the one in her patch! I'm so excited its looking so cute, sleeping under her own little quilt.

A little fabric doily Sim customised for Kat. Found on The Design Files blog featuring Kat's home.

Country Road Kids Winter 2009

Trenery Winter 2010

Dotti Inner Animal Shoot June 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crafty Lady & Gent #11 & #12 - Limedrop

I am introducing to you another duo involved in ‘The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt’, the very cool and talented Clea Garrick & Nathan Price.

The two are the brains and bones behind the Australian fashion label Limedrop, which is the most stunning label with very to-die-for pieces made for both boys & girls. Their current range is sporting the most awesome cloud print that you would recognise from a mile away as being the current seasons Limedrop signature. They have even managed to turn the cloud pattern into the most amazing knitted jumper!

Limedrop also make such lovely jewellery with animal faces, diamonds, padlocks, hearts, envelopes, and more, they have pretty much thought of everything… all the things you would love to have hanging around your neck. Visit their grand social site here to view them all. I have chosen a few of my favourites and posted them below.

They also know how to present their work! Limedrop always have really amazing shoots to show of each of their season’s collections. If you click here and then go to the fashion section of their website you can search through their current and previous seasons and witness them for yourself.

I am so very excited they said yes to sew a patch! I have a very good feeling about it. Very good! No clues being given away here. I think its so cool that we have such a diverse range of skilled people involved, its going to make for a very beautiful quilt!

Check out Limedrop’s website here, shop here & become a fan on their facebook here

A/W10 Collection

A/W10 Collection

A/W10 Collection

A/W10 Collection

SS 09/10 Collection

SS 09/10 Collection

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crafty Ladies #09 & #10 - Gracia + Louise

As a Friday treat, and thank you kindly for visiting, I am going to introduce you to not one BUT two very talented ladies (and i'm sure you know them well)... Gracia + Louise. These two ladies are also very kindly giving up their time to sew a patch for 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'.

Melbourne girls, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison are a duo that work closely together making a range of beautiful creations some of those being; artist books, zines, prints, postcards, pencil cases, cards, journals & dolls. They are widely skilled and make just the most amazing and inspiring work. At my work we have a Gracia + Louise collage hanging up on the wall right in my eye line and I get stuck staring at it. The wild worlds Gracia + Louise create with paper, watercolour and collage really do take you to another place.

Under the name of Hammer & Daisy the two also make the most special dolls and creatures as well as a range of beautiful stationary. Each one hand crafted, each one beautifully individual. They are sewn together with beautiful fabrics, buttons, patches and beads. They are definitely individual little personalities that you would expect to come alive at night (in a whimsical non scary way).

If that's not enough they each have a blog which are very regularly updated. Visit Gracia's blog High Up In The Trees here & Louise's blog Elsewhere here. Then you can visit their website here, and then their shop here.
And they silently steal away (detail), 2005, lithographic offset print
Someone, please... my back is aching. (detail), 2007
collage from the artists' book All the discarded things, mended by Gracia Haby

Something mighty peculiar was afoot but I was hard-pressed to say for certain what it was (II)
, digital collage by Gracia + Louise

Forming new acquaintances at the birthplace of Honoré de Balzac
2009, artists' book by Gracia HabyMy dacha is 13 storeys higher than yours, 2007
watercolour, pencil and collage by Gracia + Louise

Hammer & Daisy dolls & postcards

Crafty Lady #08 - Dani M

One of my most favorite jewellery designers ever. May i introduce to you the very lovely Dani M (aka Queen of Porcelain Creations). Another crafty lady adding a patch to 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'.

Dani's been making porcelain delights since 2001. She has a great view on fashion (which I totally second) and I quote from her website 'Dani M doesn't believe that fashion should always be so serious. Its meant to be fun, so you straight faced hipsters relax'. Shes talented, wise and simply adorable in person.

I can help but love every piece of Dani's collections, one I love in particular and own a pair of are the very beautiful gold square faceted earings. I wore them everyday till my kitten took a fancy to them too and took one on an adventure, never to be seen again. Another one is on its way so I can wear them again! Phhew!

I'm sure your dying to get your hands on your very own Dani M piece now, if you don't already have one or two (or twenty?), visit her online shop here and her website here for stockists and much more Dani M information.

From the 'I wont go breaking your heart' collection.

From the 'I wont go breaking your heart' collection.

Everything about Dani's work is beautifully crafted, even the backs of her necklaces!

From the 'Facet jewels' collection.

From the 'Hand cut jewels' collection.

From the 'Diamonds are for never' collection.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crafty Lady #07 - Gillian Bencke

If you are a keen crafter or lover of craft and pretty things then no doubt you have run into a Bencke doll or two as they are scattered around lovely little shops all over Australia.

Bencke dolls are delicately crafted by Gillian Bencke since 2005 and who is based in Newcastle, Australia. One of the many lovely things about Gillians dolls is that each one is handmade and in turn, each little creation is unique, no two are the same.

The story of how gillian came to be producing her quirky creatures begins at home in the scrub of dudley and leads to tales of plays and hikes and music and singing, as well as ones with chooks and sickles and bee stings. a degree in communications studies, led to photography, self-publishing, exhibitions, installations and collaborations. studies in digital media were followed by travel: a broken LOMO camera and the collecting of memories instead. somehow on the streets of paris the idea of 'dolls' from rescued fabric came to be.

Bencke works from the principle of rescuing and redistributing; taking meaning from the old and giving to the new.
- From Bencke website.

If you look at yesterdays post you will see Gillians patch for 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'. So very beautiful. Please visit the Bencke website here to view more little lovelies, her blog here for to-the-minute Bencke news and her shop here which among many others has a very gorgeous cuckoo cushion for sale. Thank you Gillian!!
butterliebutterliein collaboration with High Tea with Mrs Woo

Selma read her diary when she had nothing else to do
Talula Turtle

butterlie with cloud