Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elephant Quilt

The elephant quilt was inspired by a book I bought "Ralli Quilts - Traditional Textiles from Pakistan and India" published by Schiffer. Ralli Quilts are a combination of traditional applique -(we are using traditional applique for the elephant image - and another type of applique where a shape such as a flower or star or angle is cut or folded into the top of two fabrics, the cut is folded with a fine seam and stitched into place either creating a shape that sits on the base fabric (we have done this on the middle patch of the elephant quilt) or framing a shape to the base fabric (this has been done on the yellow and green patches).

One main fabric chosen for the elephants has set the colour pallet - bold and fun. Hope you like it. Also the Shape being octagonal will be interesting to sew together. This picture shows the completed pieces to date. It won't take long to finish the front and then we can add some other decoration if needed.
Thanks to Jane, Alice, Emily, Liz, Barbara and Linda for being involved.

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