Saturday, August 29, 2009

THE QUILTS are making progress.......

This year's drawing of the RAFFLE has been set for Sunday 15 November 2009 at my home (Melbourne Australia) at 6pm. Please make a note in your diary to keep this date free, please bring your partners or friends and family - it was a lot of fun last year, seeing the finished quilts and having a glass of wine and chat to all the sewers - most people know each other. This year will be more fun with four raffle prices, we will incorporate Arthur's idea of elimination to pick the winning ticket and then make the phone calls to winners.

CAMP QUALITY VICTORIA have contacted me offering another quilt for our raffle. Pictures of this machine made quilt are shown above. Made in Churchill (Gippsland, Victoria) sewn by Avril McKeand and quilted by Jean Bandendistel in 2008 for Camp Quality. It is a very pretty quilt and measures 120cm x 120cm - a small quilt for your lap, or for a baby.
We have been provided with brochures from "Camp Quality Victoria" to give out if people are interested in finding out more about their activities. Also, if you click on the CQ icon below - it will take you straight to their website. They provide funding to children with cancer and their siblings and parents. I was told today that the number of children presenting with cancer is falling... about 3,000 children in Victoria are being helped by Melbourne's Camp Quality. Another fund raiser is a 50K walk during November... ten hours non stop. That is some challenge - I'm sure they will get lots of support!

Because we have three quilts I will again arrange to visit the Camberwell Sunday Market for the six Sundays prior to 15 November. It gives me the opportunity to sell tickets and advertise our raffle, also you can come down to drop off, or pick up more tickets, or information, etc. Please let me know if you would like to come one morning.

RAFFLE TICKETS are well underway - my daughter Liz has drawn up a larger ticket than last year - big improvement - and they will be ready soon. We have decided to have a separate ticket for the wine - it will make things simple at the drawing the raffle!

So that's all the updates to the minute.

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