Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crafty Lady #08 - Dani M

One of my most favorite jewellery designers ever. May i introduce to you the very lovely Dani M (aka Queen of Porcelain Creations). Another crafty lady adding a patch to 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'.

Dani's been making porcelain delights since 2001. She has a great view on fashion (which I totally second) and I quote from her website 'Dani M doesn't believe that fashion should always be so serious. Its meant to be fun, so you straight faced hipsters relax'. Shes talented, wise and simply adorable in person.

I can help but love every piece of Dani's collections, one I love in particular and own a pair of are the very beautiful gold square faceted earings. I wore them everyday till my kitten took a fancy to them too and took one on an adventure, never to be seen again. Another one is on its way so I can wear them again! Phhew!

I'm sure your dying to get your hands on your very own Dani M piece now, if you don't already have one or two (or twenty?), visit her online shop here and her website here for stockists and much more Dani M information.

From the 'I wont go breaking your heart' collection.

From the 'I wont go breaking your heart' collection.

Everything about Dani's work is beautifully crafted, even the backs of her necklaces!

From the 'Facet jewels' collection.

From the 'Hand cut jewels' collection.

From the 'Diamonds are for never' collection.

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