Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crafty Lady #013 - Sim Elder

Sim's progress photo of her patch! So gorgeous!

The lucky number thirteen crafty lady who I am introducing to you is the one and only Sim Elder a very talented graphic designer/art director and sometimes illustrator/sewer/crafter. She is another crafty lady dewing a patch! Sim has an stunning past, working in many amazing companies and studios. Now she is one of three directors (others being Kat Macleod & Chloe Quigley) of her very own Melbourne graphic design studio Ortolan.

I have collected images from some my favorite shoots Sim has art directed recently (those that I know of anyway and there are heaps!). There are a lot more shoots she has worked on that I haven't seen and also some I'm not allowed to publish yet but you will see around in summer for sure. I am one lucky girl and have the opportunity to learn about art direction & design from the lovely Sim herself.

I also found the photo below on The Design Files when Lucy featured Kat's home on her blog. Sim customised a vintage doily just for Kat which i thought was too sweet not to post. Sim makes the most gorgeous cards for her friends with little big headed girls and boys she illustrates just like the one in her patch! I'm so excited its looking so cute, sleeping under her own little quilt.

A little fabric doily Sim customised for Kat. Found on The Design Files blog featuring Kat's home.

Country Road Kids Winter 2009

Trenery Winter 2010

Dotti Inner Animal Shoot June 2010

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