Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilts Update!

This weekend I finished sewing together the front of the Triangle Quilt! I have used the left over triangles for the border, so it looks a little spiky but I assure you its soft and lovely. I would know, I've have it draped over my lap all week! Today I got the backing fabric and the batting to start the quilting this coming week. I am so excited! I love that this project is making me take time to be crafty, some times life is to crazy that you forget to stop and do the things you love.

Mum has started to sew together the Heart Quilt and we are waiting for a few more patches before we start sewing together the Crafty Ladies & Gent Quilt! All seems to be going to plan. October is coming up very quickly!!

On another positive note.. More gorgeous things are coming out of this project then our ambition to raise money for the Australian Cambodia Foundation, a gorgeous friend has been so inspired by the sewing that she is taking up a new path in textiles! How lovely!


tjoyy said...

completely brilliant - you must be so pleased with yourself - what a great way to spend a winter weekend

Amanda & Lizzy Wilson said...

Thanks Tamara! It was SO nice

schorlem├Ądchen said...

this is soooo amazing..i love the quilts and the whole idea behind ladies are great