Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilts Update!

You've all been waiting so desperately to see the heart quilt progress I know, so... here it is! How lovely is the scalloped edge! Mum had done such a beautiful job putting it all together. She just finished tacking the front, batting and back together this weekend, all ready to quilt together. I will post up photos of her beautiful technique as soon as she starts.

You cant see from the first photo above the detail to the quilt but each heart has been so very carefully  blanket stitched around. Thanks to all the gorgeous people who sewed a patch together, everyone has done such a beautiful job!

Remember this photo above, well since then I have been super busy sewing the back on (see photo below). Once that's done I'll tack the batting on, turn it right way in and quilt little diamond shapes into the pattern. Thank-you also to The Triangle Quilt sewers, everyone has lovely little stitches and has put them together so beautifully.

Here is a close up of The Triangle Quilt pattern. Can you see the diamond shape I am going to quilt in? I'll give you one clue, its made up of eight triangles. I'm looking forward to getting up to that part, I think it will be fun making little diamond shapes appear.

Stay tuned for update on The Crafty Ladies & Gent's Quilt in tomorrows post.


handmade romance said...

lizzy these are looking amazing...all of those hearts and the scalloped edging wow! but i have a soft spot for the triangle might be all the green tones - im a sucker for green : ) such beautiful work from everyone involved xx

Amanda and Lizzy said...

aww thanks evie! I am so proud of all our little sewers, they have all done such a beautiful job. thanks again for your post about us!! x

dell said...

yes, they look gorgeous, good job!