Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To The Bloggers! We Love You!

Did you see Project Patchwork featured on The Design Files yesterday? You can read it here. Lucy was so kind and did a little surprise post about us which I discovered when I got to work as I am an obsessive TDF lover. I became suspicion on my drive in as I was being inundated with little email beeps on my phone. I could hear it beeping in my bag every few minutes which I was later to discover was from all the raffle ticket payment notifications going into the PP paypal account! SO many of you bought tickets yesterday that firstly I have to do a big second round of tickets, as we have totally run out. Thank-you SO much!! And, secondly I am being audited by PayPal as the influx of money was so great! Thank-you everyone for your support! wow! This is one super raffle! 

I'd also like to thank Evie (so much!) from Handmade Romance for her lovely blog about us! You can read it here.

Gemma from Not Today has been super productive tweeting about us, writing about us on their facebook and don't forget donating some Not Today Milk Crate Cushions as the PP fifth prize! Yay! Oh and if you haven't already, go check out the Not Today new website here

Also, Justine from Upon a Fold has been lovely and tweeted about us too! Thank-you!

So much love and so many tickets sold! I am one happy chap. Thank-you all for taking us under your wing! x

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