Monday, October 18, 2010

And the winners are...

First Prize: The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt
Linda Haller, Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Second Prize: The Triangle Quilt
Pene Durston, Fitzroy, Victoria.

Third Prize: The Heart Quilt
Madeline Sargent, Kew, Victoria.

Forth Prize: Kitty Came Home Clutch
Katherine Power, Elwood, Victoria. 

Fifth Prize: Not Today Milk Crate Cushions
 Marney (Betty Striper), Mt Eliza, Victoria.

Sixth Prize: Velvet Verity the Owl
Leigh Cosentino, Dingley Village, Victoria. 

Thank-you everyone who borght tickets. Because of you we have raised $2990(!!) which will be donated to the Australian Cambodia Foundation.

Winners, I will contact you very shortly! But now, time for bed. Oh! i will post photos from tonight up on the blog tomorrow. Thanks everyone!!! x


Linda said...

I am so honoured and excited to be the custodian of the beautiful Crafty Ladies and Gents Quilt. Thank you so much Lizzy for all your hard work in making this year's project such a resounding success. You are amazing! the quilt is such a work of at I plan to display it on the living room wall at home - shall send photos!
Linda Haller

Amanda and Lizzy said...

Congratulations Linda!! We are so happy the quilt has gone to you, a dedicated PP sewer & a constant supporter! Thank-you so much for all your ticket purchasing! Looking forward to seeing it up on your wall! xx