Friday, October 8, 2010

Crafty Lady #22 - Carmel McKie

Next up on the bio roll is the very gorgeous Carmel McKie, Craft Victoria Retail Manager. She is the main reason behind why the CV shop Counter is filled with so many beautiful bits and pieces. I have always known that Carmel has a sharp eye for design, amazingness & beauty. BUT when I received her patch I found out she is also just as great at creating design, amazingness & beauty, a whole patch of it!

Patch by Carmel McKie
This is Carmel's patch above. Oh my goodness i could stare at it all day. If you can't see the detail in the photo (you'll just have to come to the raffle night! haha just kidding, i think if you click on the photo it will open up bigger) she has sewn the most lovely little patterns in the panels of colour within her patch. Its so beautiful thanks Carmel!! 

Carmel's Insert Coin Here necklace
Carmel was also involved in Insert Coin Here and made the most beautiful necklaces to fill her pods. See the photo above. Oh! and if you go visit her in the CV shop soon she might still be wearing one of her own hand knitted scarves, featuring the very beautiful moss stitch (which I am yet to try myself)! But you better hurry up, as the sun is coming out more often then not these days! What a crafty lady, i'm so excited we have a piece of her talent in our quilt!

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