Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crafty Lady #23 - Jo McAlpine

I'd like to introduce to you the young and very talented Jo McAlpine. Newly donned graphic designer, Jo had just started as Mor Cosmetics new Junior Graphic Designer! Her talents range widely from graphics, to sewing and among many other things to baking! We are very lucky because Jo is contributing to PP in a few different ways...

Patch by Jo McAlpine
Firstly, she has sewn the most beautiful patch featuring three very gorgeous flowers, which she has so very perfectly has sewn onto her amazingly constructed background. She has cleverly used the PP fabric colour palette and chosen some very cute and complimentary patterns! It's so pretty jo jo! Thank-you! Check out more of Jo's beautiful work here and here.
Strawberry Blonde Sweetness Spead
Apple and Cinnamon Sweetness Spread
Secondly, Miss Joanna has been working on a very exciting new and delicious business prospect called Sweetness and Light, where Jo and her business partner design and produce dessert tables for special occasions. The girls theme the flavors and colours of the table design to your taste, and as a very willing taste tester i can assure you (i have devoured many of the above delights), the flavors will melt you to the ground. 

GUESS WHAT! For those coming to the raffle night, you my friends will also be able to try some of Jo's ingenious creations. Sweetness and Light have donated a desert table FULL of amazing treats. Jo has only given me a few hints 'the table will feature Project Patchwork inspired biscuits, macaroons and pink lemonade'. Ohhhhhh! be excited people! Thanks Girls! xx 


Daydream Lily said...

oh wow, I wish I coming to the raffle night. These dessert tables look amaizng!!

Celeste said...

I cannot wait to sample some of jo's delicacies - I'm sure her table will be amazing!!