Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt

The fabric which will feature in each patch

I have asked 27 of my favorite designers, crafters and friends to be involved in the 'Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'. Each person will design their own 30x30cm patch, each one including the same piece of fabric (shown above) which I sent to them in their kits. Once I have received all of the patches back I will sew them all together to make a big 25 patch quilt.

The quilt will be raffled along with the 'Triangle Quilt' & 'The Heart Quilt' on our raffle night, date and location to be confirmed. I will post the details up once its all organised so you can come along, have a drink and see this quilt and the other two quilts in person. And if you like you can buy a ticket or two to be in the running to win one of them.

The lovely people making patches for the 'Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt' are: Kat Macleod, Sim Elder, Chloe Quigley, Luci Everett, Lauren Mahoney, Catrabbit, Amy Borrell, Anita Cummins, Kim Brockett, Dani M, Nella Themelios, Carmel McKie, Katrina Webber from Kitty Came Home, Dell Stewart, Gracia & Louise, Tamara Marwood, Gillian Bencke, Nathan & Clea from the Limedrop Crew, Jo McAlpine, Alice Jones, Jane Wallace-Mitchell, Amanda Wilson, Liz Oakes, Harriet Jones and myself.

I am over whelmed at the response we have been given. Thank-you to everyone involved, you are all contributing to raising money for a great cause.

Each day starting Monday I will post a little bio on each of the crafty people who are involved in this quilt. You can visit their websites/blogs from the links above or through the links on the left.

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