Monday, May 24, 2010

Crafty Lady #01 - Katrina Weber

Every day I will be posting a little bio about each of the 27 lovely crafty ladies and gentlemen that are involved in 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'. So to begin, the first crafty lady I would like to introduce is:

Katrina Weber from Kitty Came Home...

Kitty ventures everywhere, far and wide and back in time. Everyday Kitty comes home with vintage surprises. Where she goes nobody knows. She collects fabrics, buttons and bits and pieces of pre-loved domesticity along her way. Kitty then fashions this collection into unique purses filled with memories and the adventures of Kitty.

I was first introduced to Kitty Came Home while I was at Craft Victoria and spotted the absolutely beautiful vintage fabric purses which Katrina makes. There are so many beautiful fabric choices its hard to decided which one to pick! I just love them all! She also makes really lovely journal covers and very cute little transparent coin purses. Check out her shop andwebsite to see more. Oh and she has a blog too! I've picked out a few of my favorites below.

Also, Katrina has sent me a progress shot of her patch for 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt' (oh my goodness it is gorgeous!), but I will reveal it along with some others when I get a few more.

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