Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Raffle Night, New Patches & Black Betty!

I have a lot of great news for you today! I am so excited, everything seems to be falling in place. I'd like to thank everyone, even at this point (we still have a while to go), SO much for your input and support. This project has gone above and beyond what I expected and I am absolutely over the moon with happiness. I hope your all enjoying being involved too!

Firstly, we have a place, date and time for the Project Patchwork 2010 Raffle Night! Everyone is invited! So, please come along with your family and friends for a drink to celebrate and raffle the 2010 Project Patchwork quilts! Thanks to Nella & the lovely crew at CVHQ the raffle will be held at the one and only Craft Victoria! I am sending out the biggest thank-you I possibly can out to all at CVHQ, it really means the world to me that your playing such a part.

Project Patchwork 2010 raffle night details!
Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne

6-8pm on Monday 18 October 2010
The raffle will drawn at 6.30pm on the dot.

I will post up a real invitation for you when we have all the sponsors confirmed. But for now... on the note of sponsors, there is more exciting news! Yesterday Joe from Black Betty Brewhouse offered to supply delicious Black Betty beer for us to enjoy on the raffle night! How lucky are we? More info about BBB to come. Thank you so much Joe!!
Lastly, but most certainly not least... As Friday was the due date for The Crafty Ladies & Gents quilt patches, I have been receiving the loveliest packages in the mail packed with patchwork delights. Below are some I received yesterday! How absolutely stunning are they? As planned, the fabric swatch I supplied each crafty person to coordinate their fabrics has resulted in a very lovely palette of colours that all work so beautifully together. I am one happy girl!
Patch by Gillian Bencke
Patch by Limedrop
 Patch by Dell Stewart

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