Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crafty Lady #015 - Jane Wallace Mitchell

This gorgeous patch above is being sewn by the lovely Jane Wallace Mitchell (my very beloved aunt/big sister) a Melbourne illustrator, crafter, designer, potter, knitter, pretty much do-er of all gorgeous activities you can possibly think of.

Although she trained as a graphic designer, Jane has worked mostly as a freelance illustrator. She has the most amazing, lovely, stunning, gorgeous and inspirational style that it could only be recognised as her own. Her work has been a major influence in the development of my own work from a child up until now, as a designer. I was always thinking while drawing or crafting as a youngster 'what would Jane do?'.

Jane is also a very talented potter! Her latest creation being the series of little coil ladies (oh! they are just stunning!). You can see them in the photos below that I snapped on the weekend around her house. Everywhere you turn in her house, there is another nice little creation of hers, or of Julian's (her husband), or Hattie's (her youngest daughter, who's patch I posted yesterday) or of Alice's (who's bio & patch images will be coming soon). As you may have now gathered they are a very creative and talented family.

Little coil ladies

Egg cup's with hand knitted hats (thrown, painted & knitted by Jane)

Little memorial statue by Jane's for her friends dog

Blue and red striped pots by Jane. Blue gradient beaker and blue filled beaker by Julian.

Stripey squares Jane is knitting to make a lovely big blanket.

Janie not only expresses her creativeness in art and design but is also a lady of many words. She has just completed a professional writing & editing course at RMIT and had a short story published in The Sleepers Almanac No.4!

Keep posted for a photo of Jane's finished patch. Thanks Janie!! xx

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