Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crafty Lady #16 - Hattie Jones

This gorgeous patch you would have seen on Tuesday's post, sewn by Miss Hattie Jones for The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt. I visited her on Saturday to take some photos of a few of her little creations. Hattie is a budding illustrator, painter, sewer, knitter, photographer and maker of lovely things amongst many other skills. She has no doubt inherited and learned many of these talents from her family. Hattie's Mum is Jane from yesterdays post, her Dad, Julian, is a graphic designer/painter/potter/piano accordionist and her sister, Alice, is a fashionista/painter/illustrator/sewer/knitter/maker of lovely things. How cool to grow up in such a creative household!

I have known Hat since she was only hours old and is the only person I have watched grow from a baby to a child to a young adult and I am so very proud of my little cousin! Every time I visit her she is doing something very crafty or creative. I remember one day in particular, Hat found a cute craft project in a frankie magazine of how to make little stuffed creatures. She was busy preparing the things her and her friend needed to make them before her friend arrived. I never was that cool as a young teen, she is above and beyond her years in so many ways! Just have a look at some of her beautiful work below!

Thank-you Hat! You have done the most amazing, gorgeous, lovely job! xx

Little Rabbit, painted by Hattie for her sister Alice.

Self portrait with lovely cloud patterned edges

Portrait of Janie

Hand painted tray, complete with stitching detail and needle painted around the edge

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