Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gracia + Louise's Patch!

Everyday I come home from work and race to the mail box, hoping to find it filled with patches and today I was so very excited when I saw an envelope from Gracia + Louise! I knew when I opened it I would find something beautiful so, like charlie with his chocolate bar, I unwrapped it very slowly. Meanwhile, the girls I live with were yelling at me telling me to hurry up and rip it open. I was right, the girls have absolutely blown me away, as expected, with a very very gorgeous patch!

Have a look at the photos of their patch below! They are so lovely and were taken in a park on Monday, the coldest day in 2 years! See the girls blogs for lovely commentary of their adventure, Gracia's here & Louise's here. Thank you so so much G+L!!

These gorgeous photos have inspired me to retake all the ones of the patches I have taken so far. I usually have to take them at night in the light of my room when I get home from work, so they are flat and dull. Sorry! So, this weekend I will hopefully squeeze in a few moments to re take them in the light of day to hopefully show off their loveliness a little better.

Also, Project Patchwork has a Facebook page for you to 'like' and to stay updated with all the news. Visit here and become a fan!

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