Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inspiration & Some Thank-You's

From Arabella Ramsay's SS10 collection 'This Side of the Blue' sourced from artsnoob-ing

I am so sorry about the lack of posts recently, I just moved house and I feel like life is going past me at 100 miles an hour and I run out of time to do everything. I need some more time each day to get things done!! Sorry! I promise to be more organised from now on.

So, just a quick hello to you all. A big big thank-you to Craft Victoria for posting a little PP news item on their clog, CV always have such nice things to say. Click here to read their post. Also thank-you to my very lovely friend Megan for writing such sweet words about PP on her blog. Click here to read Megan's post. The inspiration image is from Arabella Ramsay's new 'This Side of the Blue' collection which includes a little bit of patchworking influence. I found it on Megan's blog and I though it was too lovely not too share.

I hope your all well and happy! Thank-you all again for your support! x

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