Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crafty Lady #18 - Kim Brockett

Kim Brockett, Craft Victoria administration officer and freelance curator is one busy busy lady. She has her eggs in many many baskets, one including Project Patchwork! She is sewing a patch for The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt. Yay! I swear every time I talk to Kim is telling me about another exhibition she has curated or project she is working on. I'll try and sum up a few of her recent projects and exhibitions (that I know of anyway, I bet there are zillions more!).
New Craft Hatch logo by Adam Cruickshank
Firstly, Kim is the brains and muscle behind Craft Victoria's Craft Hatch markets, one of the most amazing monthly Melbourne markets, which gives young up-and-coming crafters/makers the opportunity to get their work out into the public. Kim always manages to get such a great group of stall holders, making for a very exciting outing for us market-goers. I actually met Cat from Cat Rabbit and fell inlove with her magical toys at one of the Craft Hatch markets. You may know already that Cat is also making a patch for The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt too, if you didnt, well now you do!

Kim is also in charge of the Craft Victoria clog. Always updating it with Craft Victoria news and related events. A fantastic blog & one of my favorite lunch time reads. 

Sculpture by Antuong Nguyen
Yesterday I got a facebook invitation to Gemini Scorpio a Craft Victoria Craft Cubed satellite event of Antuong Nguyen's new sculptures & film being exhibited at the City Library, and curated by Kim. More info can be found here.

 Kim also sent me an invitation to High Tea an exhibition she is curating for the end of the year, more information about that one to come. One thing I do know is that Sharon Russell who sewed together a Heart Quilt patch for PP is going to be in it and she knits the most amazing fruits!

A few weeks ago my sister and I attended SUPER MARKET, an exhibition Kim curated at the Gertrude Contempory Art Spaces in Fitzroy. It was so so awesome! The idea was that the artists involved would exchange their work/ideas/creations for offerings from the public. Dell Stewart (a sewer of a Crafty Ladies & Gents patch) was one of the stall holders trading her beautiful wears! See the invitation above for the other artists involved. How perfect is the invitation design, I love it!

Logo by Luci Everett (a PP crafty lady!)

At the beginning of the year Kim along with Nella Themelios (another Crafty Lady, bio to come) curated an exhibition called Insert Coin Here as part of the 2010 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. A moving exhibition of vending machines which were strategically placed around Melbourne containing 'fashion objects' made by 60 Melbourne artist, designers & crafters. The work was placed inside little plastic balls which could be despenced randomly at the cost of $2. Check out the artists who were involved here, some of my very favorites!!

And that was just a little bit about Kim. She is by far one of the most hard working, very successful young lass' I know and who I am so pleased to have involved in the quilt... I just dont know where she will fit the sewing in amongst all this amazing work. Kim you are a star!! x

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