Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crafty Lady #19 - Chloe Quigley

Chloe's Patch!
I'm excited to introduce to you another very talented Crafty Lady, Chloe Quigley! Although Chlo is very talented at sewing pretty quilt patches (despite what she may try to tell you), her craft comes more regularly in the form of words. Chloe is co-founder/director/creator (along side Mr Daniel Pollock) of Michi Girl, the most wonderful weather and fashion forecasting daily emails I have ever seen, read or heard. Chlo is constantly creating or retelling the most hilarious stories which relate to and run alongside a fashion product!

Below is an example of a daily post, as I cannot explain in words how amazing they are. You should visit the Michi Girl website (if you aren't already a subscriber) as there are year and years of daily emails in the archive, which will keep you entertained for hours! Oh and if that's not enough... there is a Michi Girl book too 'Like I Give a Frock' which was published in 2008!! Keep your eyes peeled as a little bird told me that there will be a second book coming out at the end of this year. Yay!

If Michi isnt enough, Chlo is also one of 3 directors (along side Sim Elder & Kat Macleod, other crafty ladies!) of the gorgeously lovely Ortolan graphic design studio. I'm pretty sure with two very successful and demanding businesses and two very gorgeous little kiddies, Chlo MUST have a Time-Tuner. Like that one Hermione has in Harry Potter, to turn back time so she can get more things done in her day. If she doesn't I don't know how she gets everything finished!

Check out her absolutely stunningly gorgeous pretty patch above, which is made of bunting inspired from one of her very good friends weddings. How lovely! Thanks Chlo! You are a VERY talented sewer and a very lovely girl x

Spreads of the glorious Michi Girl book 'Like I Give a Frock'

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Sundari said...

Chloe Quigley is definitely one talented lady. That patchwork is great! And with all of that on her plate it almost seems like her name should be Chloe Quickly. :)