Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crafty Lady #20 - Nella Themelios

Here is the final patch!! Sewn by the very talented and lovely Nella Themelios, coordinating curator at Craft Victoria. Such bright and pretty colours, in such cool geometric shapes. The hot pink piece is even made out of lycra!! Nellas patch is the sprinkles on the cake/our quilt.

Nella is such a busy girl, curating exhibiton after exhibition at CV, yet still managing to find time to curate shows in her personal time. Insert Coin Here was one show Nella and Kim Brockett curated earlier this year, which was a cute travelling exhibition held in vending machines filled with many talented arstist capsules. You have to read more about it here.

Another recent exhibition Nella co-curated was The Sound Project. An exhibition series of performances of experimental instruments which was held at fortyfivedownstairs in July. Pretty amazing looking instruments! I can only imagine what they may have sounded like... super sonic!

Nella is one talented young lady and I feel so lucky to have her sewing a patch for our quilt!! Scroll down to see the complete quilt mock-up!
 Patch by Nella Themelious
The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt
Now, this may or may not be the layout the quilt will finally be in. Alice Jones and I have been working really hard this week sewing together the Crafty Ladies & Gents quilt. We have added little linen boarders around each patch and chosen a really lovely striped fabric for the back to tie it all together. Photos of our progress will be up tomorrow!

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