Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sixth Prize! Donated by Pink Snow Flakes!

And we thought this raffle couldn't get any better! The lovely Laura Mah, seamstress behind the absolutely gorgeous Pink Snow Flakes handmade toys, has donated the very beautiful and very soft Velvet Verity the Owl to be our sixth prize at the Project Patchwork raffle night! Wow!

As Verity's babysitter until the raffle night, I have become a little attached. She looks just so lovely amongst my cushions, but I know she will find a comfortable happy new home where she can make a nest amongst a new cluster of cushions. Laura makes such beautiful toys, have a look at her website here for photos of some of her other creations. Oh my goodness! Laura, thank-you so much for donating Verity, she is absolutely stunning and a ticket seller for sure. Thanks also, for the kind mention on your blog. What a happy Monday! x

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