Monday, September 13, 2010

New Patches!

Here are four gorgeous new patches, two of which you have never seen before and the other two you may have noticed in the mock up of The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt image I posted last week. I have updated the mock up to add Alice & Carmel's absolutely stunning pieces of work. Two more to go... and my I mention one of which is mine. Oops.

I promise to have a real image of the whole Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt up on the blog by Friday next week. Promise! So you better be back!

p.s. Thank-you to the lovely Little Bean for her gorgeous post about PP! You may view it here.
Patch by Alice Jones
Patch by Carmel McKie
Patch by Jo McAlpine
Patch by Liz Oakes
The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt - Mock Up


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh! I love this so much! So great! How ace!!!!

Posie Patchwork said...

This is so cool, love Posie

Amanda and Lizzy said...

Thanks for your comments guys!! The sewers have done such a lovely job haven't they! x

handmade romance said...

WOW this is looking incredible. So there is your heart patch to be added and then only one more?!!!!! YAY! I wonder what the last one will look like : )