Friday, September 17, 2010

PP as seen on Michi Girl

Yesterday the amazingly gorgeous Michi Girl posted a lovely little story about us! You can read it here. Thanks Michi! I have once again been inundated with people buying whole books of tickets! Thanks guys! We have also had a few of our first international ticket sales! wowzers!! How exciting!

We have so far raised about $1500! Oh my goodness, thank-you everyone who is involved whether you are a sewer, a supporter or a sponsor. We have still got 4 weeks to go and you can buy tickets right up to the second before we announce the winners on Monday 18th Oct at 6.30pm.

I love you all! I have dedicated my patch to each and every one of you which I will post up first thing on Monday morning!! Until then, I hope you all have a great weekend! x


Jenna said...

ha I was wondering how long it would take for the michi girl feature to pop up over here!

I have been following PP for the last couple of months and have seen it popping up all over the blogging/design community - thinking I might need to buy more tickets because owning ticket numbers one and two seems rather insignificant now!

Amanda and Lizzy said...

Haha! Thanks for being such a dedicated follower Jenna! Having tickets 1 and 2 seems to me to be the MOST significant numbers! Shows that you are truly dedicated. p.s. just checked out your blog! i love your eye for style! very cool. x