Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crafty Lady #02 - Tamara Marwood

The second talented crafty lady I am introducing to you is the lovely Tamara Marwood.

I also found her while working at Craft Victoria when she had her exhibition A Little Lady Tinkling & Smearing. It was absolutely beautiful, I would constantly find myself mesmerized by the colours and shapes the video was making on the wall through the quilt. Actually I have to admit, I think the only reason I love craft and know all these people is because of Craft Victoria. They have taught me everything. Thanks CV!

Tamara is a talented little stitcher and quilter and textile queen. I check her blog regularly and to find posts about lovely projects she is working on or things that she finds inspiring which in turn always inspires me.

I am so happy to have her working on a patch in 'The Crafty Ladies & Gents Quilt'. Just look at the work below, its absolutely gorgeous!!
This image and the one above are from her CV exhibition A Little Lady Tinkling & Smearing

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